Wallabies walloped and the unexpected danger of office supplies

Things I liked this week included an epic Scottish rugby triumph and the most compulsively addictive game ever.

Scotland v Australia

The autumn tests have been mightily entertaining and encouraging from a Scottish perspective.

It started with a crazy 44-38 victory over Samoa in which both teams went all-out attack and to hell with the defence. The following week saw an heroic performance against the All Blacks. Scotland unluckily lost 17-22 but were mere inches and seconds away from snatching their first ever victory against the best team in the world.

And then this week Australia came visiting. The Murrayfield natives started getting restless when, a few minutes before kickoff, news filtered through that Scotland’s Stuart Hogg – one of the best (if not the best) full-backs in world rugby right now – had withdrawn due to an injury.

But then this happened…

It was a magnificent performance, certainly helped by some Australian indiscipline, but even before the sending off Scotland were well in the match and looking strong.

This is the best Scotland team I’ve seen since they won the 5 Nations back in 1999 and I’m now really looking forward to the 6 Nations early next year.

Universal Paperclips

This is a browser-based game where, the less you know about it going in, the better. Just a couple of tips:

  1. Make sure you open it on a desktop or laptop – not your phone or tablet.
  2. Clear your diary for a couple of days.

It starts with a single paperclip, but that is far from the whole story…

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