TILTW: Get organised, get feedback, get fat

Things I liked this week included the Bullet Journal, tips for a having a good sprint review and gingerbread muffins.

The Bullet Journal

It looks like this has been around for a good few years – googling returned a zillion results – but I’ve just stumbled across it this week while searching for an organisation method for my work notebook. I think I’ll give it a shot for a couple of months and see whether it works for me. By chance my notebook of choice – the Leuchtturm1917 medium hardcover dot grid – is perfect for it too.

It’s meant to be, right?

Sprint review tips for product owners – Roman Pichler

Relatively recently I started a new job as a Product Manager with zero experience of the role (and zero training offered). I’ve picked up most of the basics over the past few months, but this article really helped me to understand the purpose and importance of holding a regular sprint review meeting with my stakeholders.

Definitely worth a read for anyone in a similar position.

Costa gingerbread muffin

Gingerbread muffins
Nom nom nom…

It’s nearly Christmas and, for me, that means only one thing – the return of the gorgeous, gooey gingerbread muffin at Costa. I swear this one item alone is responsible for the extra half a stone I usually put on at this time of year.

Also worth trying from the same shop, the pigs in blankets toasted panini. Sheer heaven!

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