Comedy goalkeeping and contactless buses

Things I liked this week included a goalkeeping tragicomedy in the English Championship and discovering that Glasgow buses have finally arrived in the 21st century.

Sunderland v Millwall

This popped up in my Twitter timeline over the weekend and brightened my day immediately. BBC Sport’s match report doesn’t really do justice to what transpired.

The Black Cats, who are set to appoint ex-Wales boss Chris Coleman as manager, led when Lewis Grabban poked home.

Millwall levelled as George Saville’s free-kick was spilled by Black Cats keeper Robbin Ruiter, and he scored a free-kick shortly after.

Sunderland equalised when Adam Matthews’ wayward cross found the net.

Best of luck, Chris Coleman…

First Glasgow introduces contactless payment

I dread that moment when I get on the bus and suddenly realise I don’t have exactly the right change. Well, I need worry no more! A mere ten years after contactless payment was first introduced in the UK, First Bus Glasgow has finally realised that it might not be a bad idea to accept it on their buses, even including Apple Pay.

No more running to the nearest shop to buy a Kitkat and break a tenner for change. No more handing over £2 for a £1.85 fare. No more angry looks from the driver as I scramble around my pockets, wallet, and bag searching for that elusive last 5p.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive.

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